Philosophy – Collaborative Workshop Review and Evaluation of options

The methodology which retailplan adopts includes the interaction with all of the key players in the development.

Leasing, management and operations teams, demographic data, the leasing environment, tenant demands, potential international tenants, operational issues, existing infrastructure, and sustainability performance are just some of the matters which can be raised in order to help determine appropriate development strategies. All opinions are sought, evaluated and reviewed. Any idea is a good idea. Only after analysis, comparison and testing will the best design emerge.

This methodology promotes smooth transitions of control through the project to completion and beyond, with good levels of buy-in and understanding aiding those objectives. We recommend that you allow us to demonstrate to you how we approach our projects and ask you to view some of our projects in our portfolio.

Every project starts with a brief, and you may already have a brief but if you don’t, retailplan can formulate one. We commence each project with a workshop session with you discussing your requirements and frequently by developing sketches and drawings, on the spot, at the first meeting.