Mud Maps that Work

Retail planning involves solving a five dimensional jigsaw puzzle. The fourth dimension is money, the fifth dimension is time.

retailplan‘s principals carry, in their heads, a vast amount of data which is translated into discussions with clients for consideration and manipulation, then onto sketches and drawings. Every line on those drawings has meaning. Tenancy layouts and requirements, rents, staging, town planning and other regulatory issues, structure, services, loading, car parking, external traffic, site access, amenities, centre management, public transport, sustainability and vertical transportation and traffic flows are just a few of the variables which are synthesised and drawn to create exciting and workable retail plans which make money.

retailplan possesses a significant database of Australian and international shopping centre information. This information is used to help flesh out the establishment of the correct philosophy for each development. Comparisons are drawn to establish what will work and what will not. This brings a degree of certainty to the effectiveness of design ideas, as well as establishing visual and functional benchmarks. This is done in the interests of reducing risk and can result in considerable investment return.