Feasibility Assistance

retailplan have a strong understanding of the pressures which apply to the creation of a successful feasibility plan.

Whether it be rents, construction costs, major tenant requirements, tenancy layouts or urban design issues, retailplan can help clients navigate their way through the roadblocks with creative solutions which can sometimes be a bit left field.

Do a land swap, modify the project staging, relocate a tenant, park cars on an adjacent site – these are examples of what it sometimes takes to get a project up and running. While all of these considerations are being examined, there is also a focus on future proofing the development – no one wants to demolish something they built five years ago in order to create the next development opportunity. Grand master planning then becomes part of the exercise.

What is the ideal long-term solution and what is the roadmap to achieve that? Sometimes the most cost effective solution may be to demolish and start again with a clean slate and retailplan know when to suggest that call.