Mixed Use, Richmond, VIC

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Mixed Use Development, Richmond

Feasibility Master Plan Review by James Woodburn



This project is the redevelopment of an existing shopping centre site in the heart of Richmond, now ready for a more intensive mixed use upgrade.

Retailplan were asked to review a recently prepared scheme in order to improve its efficiency and investment return.


Key challenges included upgrading retail exposure and access, connections to adjacent developments, integration with mixed use components above, general efficiency of the retail plan, consolidation and rationalisation of vertical circulation, and improvements in car parking layout and efficiency.

Success Factors

Following a detailed analysis of the site, and the preparation of some indicative sketches, an overlay was drawn over the existing scheme. Specialty shop GLA was increased by over 20% with a consequent benefit to the project feasibility.

At the same time there was a review of vertical transportation, particularly as it related to travelator access from the car park into the retail precinct above. There was an incidental effect on the locations of lifts for office and residential above to improve the flexibility of those components.

The car park layouts were also rationalised to increase the number of spaces available and to improve access and circulation.

These changes were presented in a simple diagrammatic way in order to make very clear the changes, and indeed the benefits which accrued