Midland Gate, WA


Midland Gate, Midland, Western Australia

Concept Master Plan by James Woodburn


Midland contains a large shopping mall and, some distance away, a separate town centre, street-based shopping precinct. A desirable town planning/urban design outcome would be to link the two zones, along the way combining retail with residential, civic and commercial uses to produce a real and vibrant town centre.


Effective use of Council land, located between the two retail centres was essential for the viability of this project. Appropriate zoning and land uses to promote a logical sequence of urban environments would be the key to making the linkages work. In addition, the creation of effective and appropriate street frontages to improve access and exposure to the new development would be fundamental to its viability.

Success Factors

Bridge linkages, formal and informal open spaces, civic and entertainment uses coexisting, excellent permeability and exposure, comfortable residential environments with a critical mass of occupation, height of development commensurate with a “town centre”.