Chadstone Stage 35, VIC




Chadstone Shopping Centre, Stage 35, Chadstone, Victoria

Feasibility Master Planning by James Woodburn

Architects in Association:
The Buchan Group and RTKL


In 2010, there was discussion and investigation about the next big move at Chadstone. Following successful developments of Stage 30 (Chadstone Place) and Stage 33 (West Mall) during previous years, there was an appetite for continuous improvement of the offering, including accommodating an increasing number of international tenants, upgrading some of the older areas of the centre to make them more productive, and introducing a first class food offer.


Key questions to be answered included: How should Chadstone grow, without being intimidating to customers? What innovative retail focuses should it provide to expand its customer base? What does Chadstone need to remain the number one centre in Australia (and the seventh most successful centre in the world)?

Success Factors

The north-south malls in Chadstone are two of the most successful malls in the world. After much consideration of alternatives, it was decided that the best approach would be to extend both of those malls as far north as possible, and terminate them in a spectacular space, edged by significant international flagship tenants, with cinemas above and an abundance of cafes in and abutting the space. The diagram has a simple clarity and has allowed upgrades and extensions of retail offers in both malls. Just as important is that the Chadstone footprint remains contained, to allow mixed use growth in future as part of a plan to integrate Chadstone better into the surrounding area.